Thursday, January 26, 2012

Okay, so, Graduation is over, Graduation party is over, Christmas is over - I can breathe now.  I am working on all my stitch alongs.  Made good progress on the HAED SAL, a little behind on the Cottage SAL, have not started the House or Lizzie Kate SALs that I signed up for.  I will probably be working on the Cottage and House SALs the rest of the month as they are monthly.

I am also signed up for the TUSAL - which is a blog game:  Here is a picture of my ORT jar for January - I am going to dump it after each new moon into a bigger container since it is so tiny, but it is very nice for taking along to stitch night at my LNS.  Here is the link if you would like to join the TUSAL:

Things may be looking up in the household this week. 
My husband will be going to his second interview today.  It is here at IU where I work as the Supervisor over the housekeeping staff at the Union Hotel.  He has been out of work going on 4yrs.  Hopefully this will get him out of his funk.

My daughter has her 1st real world interview today at Baxter as a Quality Control Analyst.  Baxter manufactures medical devices.

AND.....I have an interview tomorrow in the Research Administration as a Grants Associate!!!  It will be a professional(salaried) position which is an upgrade for me.  It is a year long funded position, which some may think is risky since I am permanent at the moment, but in a University setting, grant knowledge is a very hot commodity to have, plus they have alot of turnover from people moving on to better jobs after they learn grants, so I don't think I will have a problem moving back to permanent - but hopefully keep the salaried level.

So, if you would all triple cross your fingers.

Happy January everyone.